looking forward
we are having a new home built to meet the needs of our unexpectedly larger family.

the babies are doing very well. now that they are all home, we've been able to settle into our new lifestyle. I'm still working as much as I can. three more children to put through college...reason enough.

the Sassy twins did a photo shoot for a children's clothing catalog. they look so adorable!

Miss Hanna has amazing balance. she has been excelling at her dance classes, gymnastics classes, riding, and swimming lessons. she will be adding ice skating this summer. with all those activities, I hope she isn't pushing too hard, too much, and too often.

T lives with his birth father now. his adoptive parents have divided visitations, spending weekends, holidays, and 2 wks with each during the summer. everyone has been happy with the new arrangements.

Happy Halloween
Happy Halloween!
I hope everyone has a fabulous frightening day. we will be celebrating with our annual Halloween Gala, although we will only attend for a short time because we have another engagement we're needed at. our guests has assured us that we are welcome to do what we need to..in fact, most said they wouldn't be too bummed if we cancelled completely. all the plans were already made as well as un-refundable deposits made. and since we are needing every penny lately, we really can't afford to lose our deposits.

enjoy your scares!!!

another sleepless night
being pregnant with two babies was a very unique experience. it can be painful with a baby beating you up on the insides, but when both got moving it was always uncomfortable.
but these little ones have become very successful in waking me up or keeping me awake.. and I'm already uncomfortable. and I feel ackward.. my belly is lopsided from two babies being on that side. although I do find it interesting that the babies will all stay in their places..not that I thought they would get tangled up or anything ( that is a rare possibility ).
been back in the hospital for a short stay. seems I am at risk for preterm birth. triplets are considered fullterm at 35wks. I'm just over halfway there. I am doctor ordered modified bedrest. I am allowed to swim and exercise in the pool. walking is ok for short periods, no stairs (or mountains! ). I get to nap every day, and stuff myself with wonderful food.
I have plenty of help with everything, but I'm still stressed. I hope we can keep everyone healthy, and those babies safe inside until time to arrive.

big changes ahead
very excited to be pregnant with a baby for my amazing husband. but I wasn't too excited to find out that we are having not one..not two..but three babies!!!
that's it. I'm sure my body is officially wrecked. and I can't even begin to comprehend taking care of three! Steve is very excited..and hoping that little baby squished in the back is the boy he desires. that little one has not been in a position to get a good look, but everything appears healthy and of course isn't that what we really care about. so yes, that means the other two are little girls. my peri is watching carefully for signs of twin-to-twin syndrome. if interested in what that means, google it.
I've had two hospital stays so far. a big scare that I was losing one or more of the babies, and the other was accident related. I am such a clutz while pregnant. every pregnancy I've had some sort of accident. my balance is so messed up. I am now sporting my latest accessory having broken the bottom of my tibia. I had a bruise and some swelling and it was too painful to be just a bruise, although my ortho said that bone bruising is very painful. 8 weeks, hopefully my pregnancy will last at least that much longer.

adoption and divorce
you'd never want anyone to be forced to stay in a marriage to fulfill promises made, but in certain circumstances the parent failed to consider the best interest of the child. so now, the people in that child's life that have truly put the best interest of the child first are the ones who will be there to guide and support this child through this through this betrayal of trust.

it seems more and more adoptive parents are getting divorced. sometimes this is the best thing for the child, but sometimes it just adds to the losses that child feels. it doesn't appear that in this case it was in the best interest of the child.

I know the adoption will never be overturned, but guardianship of the child might change. if said guardianship occurs, the suggested plan just might be in the best interest of the child. I hope everyone proceeds carefully after much thought and discussion, so whatever happens is for the best.

not sure how to feel
life is busy as always, but today I got some news that is shaking my world. my 13yr old son's adoptive parents told his birthfather that they are filing for divorce. WHAT!!! seems daddy-o has been enjoying the virtues of other women for awhile now. she caught him red handed. so many feelings. I am devastated for our son. adoption issues are enough for a 13yr old, let alone losing the family he knew. I am upset for her, I can only imagine how hard this is for her. BUT, I am furious at him..shows his true feelings I guess. so now we add this to our open adoption story.

secret santa
We'll be out tomorrow giving out gift cards. My husband loves it! it's one of his favorite parts of the season.

Also on the lookout for several books, and a couple of record-a-story books for the kids.

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holiday plans
very busy with holiday plans. we will be spending time with family and friends at a lodge in Colorado. everyone agreed it would be easiest for our newest extended family members..even T's birthfather is going to come. I can hardly wait to get tons of photos of everyone together..not to mention how great it will be to see everyone. sometimes I stress over the details but at times, the details really matter.

adoption wise..everyone is doing well. I lost a little more weight than I intended, but I am happy to say that I have been gaining weight and I am at my goal weight plus I have maintained for 45 days. I am coming to the end of providing my breast milk ..I am very excited. don't get me wrong.. I do it with love for my children and their health, especially Abigail. she has had two procedures, her doctors are hopeful that with growth she will not need any more assistance.

baby emergency!
miss Abigail is currently hospitalized. hoping this is just a minor bump in the road and she'll be feeling better quickly.

my favorite time of year
the planning is in full swing for another epic Halloween party. I haven't settled on a costume yet, possibly altering one instead of making a new one..
the creativity has been flowing, I have filled two more sketch books and the ideas haven't stopped yet. 

about two more months of pumping breast milk, I am starting to count the days. while I feel it is important that the babies got breast milk, I did not have as easy a time of it as I have before..and I curtailed my traveling to make it easier to ship milk, so I am eager for the holiday season..and snow!

looking forward to visiting with T and his family this month.( yes, it's going to a busy month! )

with miss Hanna's birthday at the end of the month, we are heading back into mediation. is it too much to hope that we can reach an agreement?


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